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crafter1.jpgCrafers is a small and one of the oldest towns located in the Adelaide Hills. If you are planning a visit to Crafers, don’t miss a visit to the Mount Lofty Summit- the highest peak in Adelaide. Enjoy a perfect date with your partner in the café at the top of the peak.

You can also visit the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, the Summertown or vineyards of Piccadilly and get indulged in the nature. If you want to have a direct interaction with kangaroos and Koalas, head straight to the Cleland Wildlife Park.

If you are looking for a good place for shopping, Crafers will not disappoint you.  You can visit any of the several top end malls including Burnside Village, Arkaba shopping centre.

Another mall which is a hit amongst fashion lovers is Mitcham Square. Some of the top brands that you can shop here are Woolworths, Vinnies Parkside, Kabuki, Mint Fashion and home basics. Don't forget to check for special offers running at Mitcham Square to save lots of money. 


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