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Ten Pin Bowling is one of the best recreational passtimes for Australians of all ages. AMF Bowling offers not only well maintained lanes and bowling balls, but a place to get together,have fun, and munch on quality food and drinks. AMF is complete family entertainment.

AMF Bowling is a place for people of all ages; from professionals to kid's birthday parties, to that friend who thinks he's the kingpin bowling god. AMF Bowling is great fun and at incredibly reasonable prices. In fact AMF Bowling prices are good but AMF always has specials too!

Kids want to learn how to bowl? Send them to the AMF Bowl Camp for the school holidays. A little tired of just bowling at AMF Bowling? Then make sure you check out the AMF arcade games and the exhilarating experience at the new AMF Laser tag games.

AMF Bowling sells food and beverages from various suppliers.

AMF was founded in 1900 as an engineering company. It was taken over in 1985 and split into various parts, out of which came AMF Bowling.

AMF has 44 locations in Australia and New Zealand with over 200 staff.

AMF stands for American Machine and Foundry Company - the engineering firm founded in 1900 from which AMF Bowling originiates.

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