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Australia's top retailer of vacuum cleaners, cleaning products and accessories, Godfreys is a household name. The TV ads are well known for the demonstration of how a good vacuum cleaner has enough lift to raise a bowling ball! Godfreys sale and specials are extremely popular.

Godfreys stores are located all over Australia and they all carry the full range of Godfreys vacuum cleaners, Godfreys steam cleaner, steam mop and equipment for carpet cleaning too. So if you are looking to get a clean deal for a vacuum, then Godfreys is the place for you.

Godfreys offers free delivery for purchases over $99 which is good value but they don't just sell Godfreys vacuum cleaners, they also provide free, professional and extremely helpful advice for people looking to buy cleaning equipment. You'll be able to see the Godfreys catalogue here!

Godfreys was founded in 1931 by Godfrey Cohen.


Godfreys stores are only found in Australia and they number 212 and employ hundreds of people.

Godfreys stores get their name from their courageous and industrious founder, Geofrey Cohen.

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