11 sweet tips to make your bathroom the cutest place

Karina Leshchenko

The bathroom is one of the most special rooms in the house. A place which offers a rare opportunity to enjoy some ‘me time’. The atmosphere and feel of your bathroom will influence your mood. For this reason, your bathroom should be the most comfortable place in the house where you can relax in the evening and recover your energy when you wake up early in the morning.

We have found for you 11 inspiring tips to help you refresh the look of your bathroom and make it such a special space that you won’t be able to resist singing in the shower every day :) Let’s start!

1. Everything in its place


A comfortable home depends on the tidiness of your apartment. Having cosmetics, fragrances, jars of creams and combs scattered around will not help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Try to have a place for everything. This is a major step in creating a comfortable atmosphere, not only in your bathroom but throughout the house.  It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and get ready in a clean bathroom where all of your things are in the right place.

2. Clever organization of the space


As they say, size doesn’t matter. More important is smart organization of the bathroom space: keep all necessary items in decorative wicker boxes, use small wooden shelves to store towels and other accessories, or funky cylinders to use the available space more effectively. There are many options. Everything depends on the interior of your bathroom and your own creativity.

3. Jars, jars and more jars


Another great idea that can help you to make your bathroom more homely is to store things in decorative jars. Everything depends on your imagination: it can be one big glass jar, which can easily fit all of your cosmetics, or small jars, perfectly suited to your bathroom.

4. Use different boxes for storage


To make your bathroom look more comfortable all you need to do is keep all necessary things to hand. Keep spare toilet rolls in a hanging basket; towels, soap, and sponges – in hanging boxes next to the shower.

5. Creative storage


It’s not necessary to spend lots of money buying decorative boxes to store your things. You can use your imagination to create something really special for your interior. Using an ordinary box, you can easily create a decorative box to store toilet paper. All these little tricks can help to make your bathroom more comfortable.


There are lots of interesting ideas that can help you make your bathroom the most comfortable in the world: you can hang shower gels and shampoo on special clamps, sponges and body care products can be stored in the decorative pockets, or styling tools can be hung on hooks.

6. Decorative window curtains


If you have a window in your bathroom, then this is an excellent opportunity to make your bathroom more attractive. You can hang stylish curtains that match the design of your interior, make the accent color on the window or put decorative sticker on it. In fact, you can do anything your like!

7. Unusual mirrors


Mirrors can help you visually enlarge the space and also add charm and style to your bathroom. Hang a large mirror and you will see it increases the apparent size of your bathroom. Decorative frames for mirrors will help to give to the bathroom creativity.

8.Interesting details 


Try to diversify the interior of your bathroom by adding unusual or interesting details: old plates can be used as a decorative stand for soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste; a wooden branch found in the garden can be a perfect toilet paper holder; and creative fabric bows are a great way to decorate shower curtains. Everything depends on the interior of your bathroom.

9. Cute mats in the bathroom


Nothing can make your bathroom more homely than a cute mat or rug. They may be completely different styles and designs: wicker, bamboo, embroidered or plush. It all depends on what you prefer more.

10. Flowers will make your bathroom sweeter


The sweetest detail of your bathroom decor may be fresh or artificial flowers. Put them next to the sink, hang a bunch of lavender on the door, or use a simple green plant. You will immediately notice that your bathroom is more than a little bit sweeter.

11. Funky shower curtains will cheer you up in the morning


The easiest way to make your bathroom stylish and cozy is to choose the perfect shower curtain. The variety of colors, styles, and fabrics on offer is an excellent opportunity to change the style of your bathroom. Everything depends on your bathroom design and preferences. You can play on the contrast of colors, choose printed curtains or use a creative solution.


Moreover, nothing can cheer you up in the morning better than a funny shower curtain in your bathroom. Every time you enter the bathroom it’s sure to put a smile on your face!

Good luck in making your bathroom the cutest room in your home! 

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