7 beauty trends that are out of fashion

Karina Leshchenko

Everyone would admit that they like to look their best every day, no matter what their personal style is. However, not all of the weapons in the everyday battle to be beautiful are effective. Some of the most popular recent beauty trends are already out of fashion. In this case, the best advice is to leave them in the past and never look back. The biggest beauty trend of this season is all about looking natural.

1. The long cat-eye liner

Everyone loved the dramatic “cat eye” style. What a pity! :( However, super long liner that goes from your inner eye and way past the outer part just isn’t as fabulous as it once was. Short and accurate lines more effectively show-off the natural beauty of your eyes.

2. Nude colored lips

Please, forget all about this awful trend for using foundation or concealer to make your lips appear “nude”. Often, it makes the color of the lips blend into the color of the skin and you are in danger of your lips disappearing altogether  :)lipstick similar to the tone of your lips will help you to make them more natural, bright, and shiny. 

3. Heavy makeup

All of us would like to look like we are ready to take on the world, and you never know: you could be chasing your dream job, bumping into an old rival from school or being invited on a hot date by your special crush. However, be careful! Heavy makeup is suitable only for special events. The day-to-day look needs to be as simple as possible. The trendiest makeup of this season is the “wet eyes” look. This trendy and fresh makeup is perfect for everyday wear and will make your eyes look really pretty.

4. Sharply contoured, thick eyebrows


The era of heavily contoured, thick brows looks like its on the way out. Neat and well-groomed eyebrows are a potent symbol of naturalness. Don’t try to make them perfect. Just tidy-up your eyebrows regularly, brush the hairs in the right direction, and, if you like, use clear brow gel to fix them into the form you want.

5. Long nails no more

Each of us has an inner artist. And she would like to create beauty everywhere and in everything, especially on the nails :) Super-long arty nails are not as popular as they once were. Natural colors and an accurately manicured, medium length nail is the go-to for the trendiest fashionistas.

6. Over-done hair

A beautiful hair cut is always a symbol of confidence and style. We all try to achieve that ‘good-hair-day’ look to make ourselves feel beautiful wherever we go. Styles were often caked in hair spray to protect it from the rain and wind :) Thank goodness for the new natural trend. Now we can be free to enjoy the beauty god gave us: natural hair colors, light waves or straight hair are the elements of the modern beauty!

7. No more contouring 

Leave this trend to the beauty bloggers. Look at you in the mirror. You are beautiful just as you are. In every one of you there is something special and attractive: simply even out your skin tone and apply a light pink blush to your cheeks and voila!

That’s it! And don’t forget to smile, because that’s what makes you truly beautiful! :)

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