10 nightstand ideas to make your bedroom extra special

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Do you fancy a bedroom makeover to give it a little more personality?

To avoid boredom with our home and its decor, the best solution is to opt for creative solutions for each space. A perfect example of versatility are bedside tables as they can make a big impact on the room.

Instead of opting for two identical night tables for a fully symmetrical composition, you can choose different and practical furniture that can be used to add more style to that special corner of our home. If you play around with materials, shapes, colors and you try different things, creating a cozy and lovely space will be a sure thing.

Do you dare?

1) Using a shelf as a table to give a different feel to the room. You can place books, a lamp or even a plant as in the picture. You can also opt for a bookcase and apart from books you can have room for other objects.



2) A bench is ideal for storing essentials, especially when you don’t have much space in your bedroom and want to make the most of every corner. Moreover, they are not expensive and you can get them in different styles or colors.



3) Who imagined that we could use a ladder as a nightstand? Yes, it is a silly idea. A pretty ladder can change the atmosphere of your room. Depending on the size, you can place different objects on it. Don’t let anything stop you and let your imagination run wild!




4) Your desk can also act as a bedside table. If you don’t have much room for a traditional nightstand, why not opt for your desk? It is ideal and very comfortable, especially for young people’s rooms.



5) Wooden boxes that you can recycle, paint and create! They are very practical, you can put one on top of another to play with the style or to simply have more space next to the bed. Look how beautiful these spaces are and add a twist to your room.



6) Chairs can also moonlight as tables. The great advantage of this piece of furniture is that we can find design classics to update all the decoration very easily.


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7) Suitcases add that vintage style that many of us like. Check if you have one or if you can get a hold of one. Depending on the size, you can use it to create and original and fun bedside table.



8) In small rooms we can put the bed against a wall and use all the space for a chest of drawers. This piece of furniture is one of the most practical and useful things in our house. The top of the chest is perfect for placing a lamp, a book or the phone.



9) Add that cozy touch with a dresser. You can save space by using the dressing table as a bedside table. The advantages are that many of these dressers have lots of drawers and storage space for various items.



10) Stay in touch with nature … thanks to wooden trunks next to the bed :) Create that rustic and friendly atmosphere, which invites you to relax and have sweet dreams.


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Let’s create and personalize!

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